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Above all know your audience and match what you say to their needs.Creating your presentation with your audience in mind will assure that your audience will follow you.If your presentation doesn't appeal to your audience- no matter how well you have developed your presentation-- your presentation will fall on deaf ears.This leads us to the next rule: Know your material thoroughly.Your material needs to be second nature to you.Practice and rehearse your presentation with friends, in front of a mirror, and with colleagues.If you are speaking in a second language, make sure that you record yourself and listen to a number of times before going to practice with a native speaker (if possible).

Remember that you are an actor when presenting.Make sure that not only your physical appearance is appropriate to the occasion, but also the tone you use is well chosen.If your topic is serious, be solemn.However, it's always a good idea to begin your presentation with an ice-breaker.Don't worry about making friends, rather lead the audience through your materials in a calm and relaxed manner.Speak slowly and clearly, and remember to address everyone in the audience - even the person the farthest away from you.

To achieve the above goals follow these tips when giving your presentation:

● Speak with conviction.Believe what you are saying and you will persuade your audience.

● Do not read from notes.Referring to notes is fine, but do so only briefly.

● Maintain eye contact with your audience.Making direct eye contact with individuals will help them feel as if they are participating in your presentation.

● Bring handouts.Don't just use a PowerPoint presentation.Provide audience members with handouts of the most important materials so they can keep your most

important takeaways in mind.

● Know when to stop.This cannot be underestimated.You need to make your case, but continuing for too long will only ensure that the audience forgets what you have said.

第44題 What is the most important thing to remember when making a presentation?

A. Match your presentation to the needs of your audienc

B. Make sure to wear your best clothe

C. Bring detailed handout

D. Know your material thoroughl


解析:本文講的是演講時應注意的問題。第一段第一句。Above all首先,最重要的是。首先要知道你的聽眾是誰,他們的需要是什么。你的演講內容、風格、語氣等要同他們的要求一致。

第45題 Handouts are important because __________

A. they have your contact information written on them

B. they contain the key takeaways of your presentation

C. they provide pictures for the audience to look at

D. they can be used for audience to take notes


解析: 參見第四個要點。把你演講的要點打印出來發給聽眾,他們會帶回去看。所以很重要。

第46題 What should you do before your practice in a second language?

A. Take photos of you presentin

B. Record yourself presentin

C. Read through your presentatio

D. Read aloud to your foreign friend


解析: 參見第一段的結尾。如果要用第二語言演講,最好先自己錄音,調整之后再講給別人聽。

第47題 Why should you know when to stop?

A. Because you need res

B. Because audience may fall aslee

C. Because you may be tired for talking too lon

D. Because it can make audience remember what you sai


解析: 參見最后一個要點。不要持續不斷地說,要知道在什么地方應該停頓,好讓聽眾記住你所說的。







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