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It was a case of emergency.The four-year-old girl awoke and smelled smoke.She couldn't wake her mother, so she dialed "zero", An operator immediately called the fire department.Help was sent, and a tragedy avoided.

Days before this emergency, the mother had taught her child how to telephone for help.Children as young as two and one-half years old can be taught to use the phone in emergency situations.Here are some points.

Memorizing certain facts is important.Teach your children their names, and the section of town where you live.Try to keep what they learn within their abilities.Simple information, learned well, is better than difficult information only partly learned.

Be sure your children know how to use the telephone.They should be taught to dial "zero" for the operator, at the very least.And they should be taught to dial "911" if it is used in your town.

Practice over a period of several days.Over-learning is necessary so the child can act automatically in case of emergency.

If you would like a booklet giving instructions on calling for help, write Telephone For Help, Box 99, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 10004.

第48題 From this passage, why is it a good idea for children to learn how to use the telephone?

A. Children have fun dialin

B. Emergencies happen without warnin

C. Children can wake their parent

D. Dialing can help children with their math stud



第49題 Based on this passage, over-learning is good because __________.

A. simple information is used

B. children should know their names

C. it helps children act automatically

D. difficult information is only partly learned


解析: 如何教孩子打電話的第三點說明中提到,反復地練習有助于孩子在緊急情況下下意識的操作。

第50題 Paragraph 4 talks about dialing "911".This number is probably

A. the operator

B. an emergency number

C. a practice number for children

D. used to keep children calm


解析: 本文講的是教小孩打電話是為了在緊急情況下求助,并且專門提到應當教他們撥打911ag亚游娱乐手机客户端。由此推斷ag亚游娱乐手机客户端,911是一個救急電話ag亚游娱乐手机客户端。

第51題 What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Give instructions on calling for help,

B. Partly-learned information is useles

C. Teach children how to deal with emergencie

D. Keep what children learn within their abilitie


解析: 第一段及全文都說明本文的中心內容是教孩子如何應對緊急情況ag亚游娱乐手机客户端。

第52題 Who cooks dinner?

A. The guests who stay in the Camping Groun

B. The chef at the camping ground restauran

C. The owner of the Camping Groun

D. Does not mention at al


解析: 第一段。到那里去的旅游者都喜歡使用那里的廚房設備ag亚游娱乐手机客户端??梢娛强腿俗约簞邮肿鲲?。

第53題 What does Valley View offer besides the inspiring views?

A. Laundry/valet service

B. A fitness centr

C. Recreation activitie

D. Cooking facilitie


解析: 第二段。除了第一段提到的非常方便ag亚游娱乐手机客户端、實用ag亚游娱乐手机客户端、周到的生活設施外ag亚游娱乐手机客户端,離這個野營地不遠的別墅村還提供了多種娛樂場所ag亚游娱乐手机客户端、設施和活動。

第54題 The camping grounds overlook __________.

A. a tall mountain

B. an area between mountains

C. a city centre

D. a large flat ground


解析: 參見第一段。此題是對詞匯的考查。valley意為“山谷”ag亚游娱乐手机客户端,肯定是在兩山之間了。

Many seasoned tourists find they don't like staying in hotels, and that they prefer to avoid large cities.Does this description fit you? If the answer is yes, The Mountain View Camping Ground is for you.Our camping grounds overlook the spectacular Hampson Valley.We rent tents, bungalows and roulettes.If DIY yourself is your style brings your own tents or roulettes.All guests enjoy access to cooking facilities, bathrooms with bathing facilities, and a playground for the children.

Our panoramic setting offers a wide variety of recreation activities as well as inspiring views of the mountains.Chisom, a quaint summer-resort village, is just 10 minutes by car.Take advantage of the many entertainment, shopping and relaxation opportunities including fitness centres, laundry / valet services, solariums and much more.Have lunch in one of the many restaurants and savor the tasty local cuisine.

Mountain View Camping Ground offers fun, relaxation and opportunities for all types of outdoor activities.Call us today to find out how we can make your next holiday perfect.

第55題 What type of tourist is described at the beginning of the reading?

A. A first time touris

B. An old touris

C. A tourist who has travelled a lo

D. Young tourist


解析:本文是一個野營地為招攬生意而做的廣告。由第一段可知ag亚游娱乐手机客户端,seasoned tourists指那些經常旅游的人們。







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